Welcome to the Naked Zombie!

What is the Naked Zombie – to be honest we are still trying to work that one out for ourselves, but what we can tell you is the Naked Zombie is a radio show dedicated to the weird, Strange and of course anything that goes bump in the night.

Created by Brad Scott in 2010, the Naked Zombie came from humble beginnings with a used spaghetti tin and old battery and a cardboard box under a bridge in Brisbane, Australia, since then the Zombie is picked up in over 35 countries around the world.

Very much for entertainment and education the Naked Zombie takes great pride in interviewing great guests from around the globe and touching on subjects which are considered unexplainable and spooky.

We invite you to click on the Naked Zombie page up above to have access to the many podcasts for your listen pleasure.

Contact: We invite all our listener’s to put a part of the Naked Zombie experience, with feedback, ideas so you can go to the Naked Zombie Facebook Site or you can contact Brad personally at brad@brad-scott.com, Mobile: 0451 123 118 or Skype – nzpi06


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